Directorate of Veterinary Medicinal Products
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The direct objective of the control of veterinary medicinal products is to safeguard the health of animals, while its indirect objective is to protect human health and environment. Namely, the authorisation and control of veterinary pharmaceuticals and biologicals form an important part of the system that serves for ensuring the public health safety of foods of animal origin. All societies that set a high value on the protection of human health pay especial attention to control of veterinary medicinal products. In Hungary the production, control and marketing of veterinary medicinal products have been under regulation already for a long time.

The first act regulating animal health issues was published in 1888 in Hungary. The first veterinary medicinal product was included into the register in 1915. The regular control of the production and the products was introduced on the basis of the Act XIX/1928. In 1952 a separate institute was established by National Economic Council Decree No. 251/1952 for the batch-to-batch control of veterinary biologicals and diagnostic products in Hungary, the State Control Institute for Veterinary Biologicals. During the decades the task and activities of Institute have been changed and extended continuously. Development an up-to-date registration system was started in 1988. The consistent and uniform authorisation system based on a registration procedure supported by strong legal and institutional background was introduced in 1991. In 1992 the Institute was entrusted with the task of storing and handling of the emergency vaccine stock. Our accredited laboratories responsible for controlling veterinary medicinal products joined the EU Network of Official Medicine Control Laboratories already at the time of its foundation. The national pharmacovigiliance system was set up in 1995. Now the institution is responsible for the marketing authorisation and market surveillance of the whole range of veterinary medicinal products and pre- and post-authorisation and inspection of the manufacturers and wholesalers.

According to the new tasks and activities multiple internal restructuring and reorganization has affected the organization. In 1992 the name of the Institute was changed to State Control Institute for Veterinary Biologicals and Drugs. In 1993 the Minister of Agriculture modified the name of the Institute to State Control Institute for Veterinary Biologicals, Drugs and Feeds (official English version is Institute for Veterinary Medicinal Products). Since 1st of January 2007 the Institute integrated to the Central Agricultural Office as Directorate of Veterinary Medicinal Products. The Central Agricultural Office has been established by the governmental decree No. 274/2006 and acts under direct control of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Since 15th of March 2012 after merging of the Hungarian Food Safety Office and the Central Agricultural Office the organisation acts as National Food Chain Safety Office.