34th Session of CCMAS
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4th MoniQA International Conference
2012.12.13. friday

"Food Safety under Global Pressure by Climate Change,
Food Security and Economic Crises"

Budapest, 26 February - 1 March 2013


The traditional Joint IAM/MoniQA workshop for delegates of Codex Alimentarius CCMAS will be included in the MoniQA Conference as a special session.


The programme of the conference may be of specific interest for the CCMAS delegates:

Wednesday 27 February 2013: 

Session 4: Food Integrity – Authenticity, Labelling, Fraud, Screening for the Unexpected
Chairs: Markus Lipp, USP, USA, and Paul Finglas, IFR, United Kingdom


Thursday 28 February 2013:

Session 13: Challenges and Solutions for Representative Sampling
Chairs: Árpád Ambrus, National Food Safety Authority, Hungary, and Simone Braun, German Cancer Research Center DKFZ, Germany


Friday 1 March 2013 

Session 15: Development of a global standard for validation of binary (qualitative) methods
Chair: Ray Shillito, Bayer CropScience, USA

Session 19: Method Validation – Standardisation – Verification: Best of IAM
Chairs: Richard Cantrill, AOCS, USA, and Franz Ulberth, IRMM- JRC, European Commission, Belgium

Interested persons can find detailed information about the 4th MoniQA International Conference at: http://budapest2013.moniqa.org/