34th Session of CCMAS
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50 years of Codex - session during CCMAS (with the presentations)
2013.02.18. monday

50 years of Codex - session during CCMAS

On Tuesday, 5 March 2013, starting at 4.00 p.m., a side event will be organized in connection with the 50th Anniversary of Codex Alimentarius. Simultaneous translation to English, French and Spanish will be provided throughout the session. The session will last for about 2 hours.

Speakers of the meeting:

  • Dr. Márton Oraveczpresident of the NFCSO, deputy CVO 
  • Prof. Dr. Árpád Ambrus, chair of the CCMAS
  • Mrs. Awilo Ochieng Pernet, Vice-Chairperson of the Codex Alimentarius Commission

(Invited country representatives reporting on their experience with Codex:)

  • Mrs. Ligia Lindner Schreiner, delegate of Brazil
  • Mrs. Amelia Tejada, delegate of the Philippines
  • Mr. Robert Njuguna Koigi, delegate of Kenya
  • Comments, exchange of thoughts amongst all participants.

Attached contents
XmlStart Prof. Dr. Árpád Ambrus_Past present future /data/cms/155/972/1___Arpad_Ambrus_Past_present_future.pdf application/pdf 572 1364464284650 Mrs. Awilo Ochieng Pernet_50 years Codex /data/cms/155/970/2___Awilo_Ochieng_Pernet_50_years_Codex.pdf application/pdf 662 1364464403203 Mrs. Ligia Lindner Schreiner_Brazil in Codex Alimentarius /data/cms/155/975/Mrs._Ligia_Lindner_Schreiner.pdf application/pdf 82 1364465165250 Mrs. Amelia Tejada_Report on National experience with Codex (Philippines) /data/cms/155/974/3_Report_on_National__experience_with_Codex_(_final).ppt application/vnd.ms-powerpoint 2941 1364464682530 Mr. Robert Njuguna Koigi_Kenya experience with Codex /data/cms/155/973/4___Robert_Njuguna_Koigi_Kenya_experience_with_Codex.pdf application/pdf 137 1364464403165